DARKSIDER CULTURE is on the rise — Vampyres and Witches; Zombies and Werewolves — found wherever we look. “Creatures of Night” are Awakening now more than ever — a futurist generation naturally called forth to maintain the needs of cosmic balance…

TRADITIONAL GOTHIC themes are evolving into virtual “New Age” paradigms and post-apocalyptic Cyber-Goth fashions that complement dark overtones of electro-industrial music, practical chaos magic and live mayhem brought up from the underground by CyberVamps Nabu & Kyra.


Vampyre's Handbok, Moroi Bible, Cybernomicon THE VAMPYRE’S HANDBOOK
Secret Rites of Modern Vampires

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free

Moroi Liber-V : includes “Vampyre’s Bible” + “Cybernomicon”
Global Release: January 28, 2020
To realize that we are more than Human and actualize this state of Awareness has been the ultimate goal of all magical, mystical and spiritual pursuits since the dawn of time. It is perhaps no more blatantly represented and recognized than in one of the most superior occult archetypes ever to emerge: The VAMPYRE.