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SIGNED 1st Edition Vampyres Bible with Gothic Vampire Cyber Goth package * CyberVamps @ eBay *


To commemorate the very first live posting from the CyberVamps Coven of Lilith, the Mardukite Vampyre Academy in conjunction with (temporarily, are offering a limited edition CyberVamps starter kit on eBay!

vampyres bible kit Available for a very limited time, ONE Signed First Edition of the original CyberVamps publication: THE VAMPYRE’S BIBLE by Joshua Free along with several other special items to get you started:

-Blood of Lilith Vampire Authority Necklace
-Cyber Goth bio-hazard studs/earrings
-Cyber Goth Cyber Green neon rave shoe laces
-Cyber Goth black mesh Face Mask (surgical style)
-Assorted jelly and rubber bracelets and rings

This very special eBay offer is LIMITED TO ONE SET, listing until sold during the Spring Equinox and ancient Babylonian New Year Akiti (Akitu) Festival.

Here’s your chance to own an official piece of CyberVamps history, with a Cyber Goth starter kit from the original 2015 release celebration and CyberVamps Halloween 2015.