The Magic

DARKSIDER MAGIC — especially concerning Living Undead — is not often explored in contemporary “New Age” or mainstream mysticism. Those with a natural affinity toward mentally transforming energy receive no support. Other people only reinforce the normative belief that it is wrong to be what we are.

MORTALS fear Darkness and these powers are not for them. The Magic came to us from Ancient Ones once revered as “gods.” Transhumanist Magic comes from the Higher Genius, “I” or Self; putting the Awareness back into “I am” rather than imprisoning ourselves to the material world.

LILITH passed forbidden knowledge of Vampyric Ascension to her children. For thousands of years we have kept the mysteries hidden… Until now…


vampbibethum V : THE VAMPYRE’S BIBLE
A History of the Children of Night & Guide For the Living Undead

by Joshua Free
The code of silence is broken… Modern Creatures of Night are coming out of their coffins and crypts to reveal true Darksider legacies throughout history; from Lilith & Cain in ancient Mesopotamia to futurist “Goths” and CyberVamps.

CYBERNOMICON_cover-preview CYBERNOMICON (Paperback)
True Necromancy for the Cyber Generation: The Future of Dark Arts & Forbidden Sciences in the 21st Century

by Joshua Free
Mystics and Magicians demonstrate an upper hand in life by manifesting their will and finding themselves in synchronistic circumstances that seem magical. Understanding energy fields, their interactions and its affect on perceived reality is what makes this possible.
Also Available: CYBERNOMICON (Hardcover)