CYBERNOMICON Tartaria Tohu va Bohu with Cybervamps DJ Nabu

CYBERNOMICON Tartaria Tohu va Bohu with Cybervamps DJ Nabu

CyberVamps CyberGoth DJs present: TARTARIA TOHU VA BAHU — the LIVE underground set edit by
Mardukite CyberVamps DJ Nabu, Performing Life from Denver Colorado!

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#Mardukite the Mardukite Research Organization

Check out the CYBERNOMICON — newly released from CyberVamps Publishing in conjunction with Mardukite Truth Seeker Press (a division of Mardukite Research & Development)


Electronic Vampire Music : Koming Out The Koffin with DJ KYRA KAOS and Cybernomicon Hardwired with DJ NABU

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This past Saturday, TWO new #EVM electronic Vampyre music broadcasts/podcasts were released by CyberVamps Cyber Goth Electro-Industrial extraordinaires DJ NABU and DJ KYRA KAOS each presenting their own set, displaying two unique styles separately, that combined have contributed to make the CyberVamps CyberGoth Djs the rising force of the underground that they are! — CYBERNOMICON… Read more.